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DogMagic Dog Puzzle

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DogMagic is a dog puzzle for having fun with your smart Mod Dog!

Dog puzzles are a fun, interactive game to challenge your Mod Dog's inquisitive nature and mental stamina. The DogMagic dog puzzle designed by Nina Ottoson, offered at Mod Dog Boutique is an fun game and an excellent way to exercising your dog's brain. And did you know that mental exercise is just as important as physical exercise? Dog puzzles help your dog channel energy in a positive direction. With our dog puzzles, you hide the treats and your dog gets the reward when he solves the puzzle. This is the perfect game for you and your Mod Dog!

Puzzle & Treat Package Options

Available with optional healthy, USA-Made dog treats as a Puzzle & Treat Package!  The dog treats offered with our dog puzzles are made with all natural, organic ingredients with no fillers, by-products or preservatives and with no artificial flavors or coloring. When you choose the Puzzle & Treat Package, we'll select the flavor and include dog treats from this specially chosen selection dog treats. If you have a preference, please include a comment at check-out and we'll do our best to accommodate.  Go on, make it a Puzzle & Treat Package!

Also, if you want to order larger quantities of these excellent dog treats, or if you would like additional dog treat options that may be ordered separately, we have a great selection of multi-pack dog treats offered in our Dog Treat Compound.  You'll also find an excellent selection of dog treat boxes with a variety of dog treats in our Dog Treat Boutique.

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