Dog Beds - Mod Dog Futon

Dog Beds - Mod Dog Futon

Mod Dog Futons are eco-friendly dog beds, exclusively from Mod Dog Boutique!

Mod Dog Boutique is excited about our exclusive new line of eco-friendly futon dog beds, and we know you're going to love them, too! As a long-time futon family, we love the great night sleep we get from our futon beds, and we know how much our dog, Wilson, loves it, too. After all, it was hard to miss the sprawling dog smack-dab in the middle of our bed! With a mission to reclaim a good night's sleep, we were determined to find a dog bed that Wilson would like as much as ours. We tried many different styles and types, and he liked them all to varying degrees, but there were many times we still shared our futon by early morning. That's when it occured to us that a futon dog bed might just be the answer, and that simple thought was the catalyst for the Mod Dog Futon!  Made in the USA, with eco-friendly materials, our all new Mod Dog Futon will be the perfect choice for you, too! Our futon dog beds are made with the same craftsmanship and high-quality products you'll find in futon beds at upscale hotels and homes across the country. Now you can get the same high quality bed for your dog. These beds are the ultimate in beauty for your decor, and the supreme choice for luxury and dog comfort. We offer a flat mattress futon dog bed that is beautifully constructed in a rectangular shape, square on one end, and curved on the other. This unique design goes beyond the ordinary. With the same principle of curved on one end, and square on the other, we also offer a 3-sided bolster dog bed for the Mod Dog who loves to nuzzle into the edges of their bed. Each futon dog bed cover is made with designer, cuddle fabric tops, paired with matching or contrasting micro-suede sides and bottoms. With a 3-sided zipper, our covers can be removed and they are always machine washable.

The Mod Dog Futon is a dog bed designed for large dogs with a durable and orthopedically comfortable mattress for dogs of all ages. Due to popular demand, we also offer the Mod Dog Futon in small dog sizes, too, so your small dog can have the same high-quality dog bed as your large dog! All Mod Dog Futon beds are beautifully built in the USA (right here in Portland, Oregon!) and they are eco-friendly. Constructed from an exclusive Wellspring fiber, our futon dog mattress is made from a revolutionary material that utilizes the second use of plastics - in other words, it's made from recycled two liter beverage containers. The Wellspring fibers are amazingly light with a look and feel incredibly like fluffy, soft and finely textured cotton.  Non-allergenic and extremely comfortable, this material is clean, odor free, and very resilient. Using Wellspring fiber also helps improve our environment by preventing millions of plastic bottles from ending up in landfills. Our futon dog beds are the perfect choice for discriminating pet parents who demand only the best for their Mod Dog. You will finally get a great night sleep, with your Mod Dog snuggled into his own futon dog bed!

For additional dog bed options, shop our entire snooze collection where you'll find one of the largest selections of dog beds, including rectangular dog bedsround bedspillow dog beds, oval dog beds, dog crate beds and dog blankets. Happy dog dreams~~~~

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