Stormy Dot - Bolster Futon Mod Dog Bed

Stormy Dot - Bolster Futon Mod Dog Bed

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Grey & White Dot, Three-Sided Bolster, Futon Mod Dog Bed!


Our Stormy Dot is a beautiful futon Mod Dog bed with a cuddly soft grey and white dot top, on a grey micro-suede bottom with three sided bolster. It's a Mod Dog Boutique exclusive design! Made in Portland, Oregon, this USA-made futon dog bed is what every Mod Dog dreams about! The exclusive rectangular design is square on one end, and rounded on the other with a three-sided bolster. You'll love the designer look of this beautiful dog bed and better yet, you'll love knowing how happy it makes your Mod Dog when it's time for that afternoon snooze or a good nights sleep. The designer dog bed cover can be removed and is machine washable.  

Orthopedically comfortable for dogs of all ages, our Mod Dog Futons are made with the same craftsmanship and high-quality products you'll find in futon beds at upscale hotels and homes across the country. Now you can get the same high quality bed for your dog. How cool is that?!! This dog bed provides your dog with unsurpassed comfort, and it's eco-friendly, too. Our eco-friendly exclusive Wellspring fiber is a revolutionary material generated from recycled polyethylene, or more commonly known as two liter beverage containers. The non-allergenic Wellspring fibers are clean, odor free and amazingly light with a look and feel incredibly like fluffy, soft and finely textured cotton. Our Wellspring™ fiber batting surrounds a 2" piece of Certipur Foam for added comfort. Our futon dog bed is sturdy, durable, and the most well-built futon dog bed available. 

Available in several sizes. Outside dimensions, rectangular, WITH 3-sided bolster. Choose the one that's right for your large, or small Mod Dog!

  • Small:      24 X 18 X 4 + (3 sided 3 X 3 bolster) - Dogs up to 25 lbs
  • Medium:  36 X 26 X 5 + (3 sided 5 X 5 bolster) - Dogs up to 50 lbs
  • Large:      42 X 30 X 5 + (3 sided 5 X 5 bolster) - Dogs up to 80 lbs
  • XLarge:    48 X 36 X 6 + (3 sided 6 X 6 bolster) - Dogs over 80 lbs


  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • 3-sided zippered cover for easy on/off
  • Machine washable cover with cuddle fabric on the top surface
  • Eco-friendly dog futon bed made from recycled polyethylene, aka = two liter beverage containers
  • Non-allergenic
  • Made in Portland, Oregon, USA
  • Mod Dog Boutique exclusive design and brand

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