Dog Toys

Entertain and exercise your Mod Dog with a great new dog toy!


Mod Dog Boutique believes dogs thrive on play-time with their pet-parent, and that they need exercise for their physical and mental health. Our collection of dog toys is the best you'll find to keep your dog engaged, active and entertained! You'll love our fun and interactive dog puzzles that will challenge your dog's curiosity and mental stamina, while offering a dog treat reward when they solve the puzzle. We make it easy to get your dog treats with our Puzzle & Treat package, an option that is offered with all of our dog puzzles.

For more physical dog toys, you'll love our collection of tough dog toys for the dogs who love to carry their ruggedstuffed toys with them. We also have a great selection of tough dog toys for playing fetch on land or in the water, as many of our toys also float! When you want a tough dog toy for hiding treats, you'll love our Tizzi and Tux, both offered with optional dog treats.  We also have a great collection of plush dog toys for the more gentle dog that loves a cuddly toy to carry and shake. From dog puzzles with treats to glow in the dark balls, we have a great new toy for every dog!

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