Dog Puzzles

Dog Puzzles

Exercise your Mod Dog's mental stamina with interactive dog puzzles!

For the Mod Dog that is smart, curious, and thrives on a mental challenge, get a dog puzzle from Mod Dog Boutique. We all know the value of physical exercise to help calm your active dog, but did you also know a mental challenge can be just as important for your dog's health? Our great selection of dog puzzles give you many options of fun and interactive dog games to exercise your dog's brain.  Each of our dog puzzles are offered alone, or with the Puzzle and Treat option!

For more dog toys that are a little less cerebral, see our great selection of  Dog Plush Toys where you'll find soft toys for the gentle Mod Dog, or check-out our Dog Tough Toys for dog toys that are a bit more rugged.  

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DogCasino Dog Puzzle Out Of Stock
DogCasino dog puzzles exercise your Mod Dogs mind!Your Mod Dog loves to run and get ph..
DogFinder Dog Puzzle Out Of Stock
DogFinder dog puzzles are for smart Mod Dogs!Challenge your Mod Dog's inquisitive nature and..
DogMagic Dog Puzzle Out Of Stock
DogMagic is a dog puzzle for having fun with your smart Mod Dog!Dog puzzles are a..
DogMiracle Dog Puzzle Out Of Stock
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DogTornado Dog Puzzle Out Of Stock
Calm smart Mod Dog's energy with the DogTornado dog puzzle!For the smart Mod Dog, ..
DogTwister Dog Puzzle Out Of Stock
DogTwister is a dog puzzle to exercise your Mod Dog's brain!Why dog puzzles? They are f..