You Know It's Time For A New Dog Bed When.....

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The Dog Is Not Allowed On The Bed...


You know what I'm talking about. Right? It's time for bed. Teeth are brushed. Face washed. Lights out - time to hop into bed for your solid 5 1/2 hours of sleep before the alarm sounds for another day. The problem, however, is Fido hit the sack hours before and he's sprawled out in the middle of, dare I say, YOUR bed! That's right. The same dog, whom, on the day you brought him into your home, you swore he would not be allowed on the bed. Not this time. "I'm not going to let that happen again", as you thought about your last four-legged family member, may he rest in peace. And, as you played through your memory, all those nights you barely slept because you were too cramped in the corner, of your OWN bed, because, even as irrational as it was, you didn't want to disrupt the dog. So, you laid there. Perfectly still, uncomfortable. But the dog? He slept G R E A T! You recall how you gave in with the last dog, but vowed this time would be different. You'd lay down the law from the beginning and the bed would be off-limits to the dog. Fast forward and here we are - Fido is fast asleep.....I know, we already told you. In the middle of YOUR bed.

Of course, we all know how we got here. It starts out so innocently. At first, you hold firm and stick to your new rule. Even at the slightest glance toward your bed, you give a firm "no", followed by "stay off the bed". Over time, and with amazing persistence from the four-legged family member, you allow the dog on the bed, "but only during the day". You hold firm. "No dogs on the night." This same story plays out in millions of pet-friendly homes across the country. The dog gradually spends more and more time on YOUR bed. And before you know it, the dog has taken over and you are again, shoved into the corner of your own bed, laying there perfectly still, so you don't disrupt the dog. 


We hear you! But, guess what? It doesn’t have to be this way! In fact, there was a time we were in the exact same place. And of course, we LOVE our precious pooch, just like you, and we know your love and special bond makes it that much harder to draw the proverbial line in the sand. But really. It’s totally worth it! After all, you’re the one who has the morning commute and a job that pays the bills. So, now is the time to take action, and reclaim your own bed. That doesn’t mean kick Fido to the floor. No. Of course not! The fact you allowed him into your bed in the first place, tells us you love and care for your dog as much as we do. So that’s where we can help! In fact, that’s when you know it’s time for a new dog bed! I know, you’ve tried this before, but Fido has a way of ending up in your bed before morning. Well, here’s what I say to that: You have the wrong dog bed! That’s right. There are a ton of dog bed options and choosing the right one can be overwhelming. That’s where we can help!

First, consider what features are most important to you in selecting a new dog bed. Is it the fabric and how well it matches your decor?  How about the size and shape - where will the dog bed be located in your home and what shape fits best? Do you like round, oval, rectangular, or how about square? How about comfort? Does your dog appear stiff or arthritic? Does he need something with orthopedic memory foam, or a soft, fluffy loft? How about organic or USA-Made. To help you get started, here's our Dog Bed Buying Guide to simply prompt your thoughts on those features you find most important.


Once you narrow your focus to what's really important to you in selecting a dog bed and designer cover, shopping will be a lot easier, but can still be overwhelming. That's why we decided to give you a sneak-peak at some of our favorite dog beds. We love each of these for slightly different reasons. Read on, shop our huge selection of dog beds, and then buy the one you like best. Remember, once you get the dog bed that’s right for your dog, you’ll sleep better, and so will he… his own bed!

Mod Dog Boutique’s Top Picks in Dog Bedding:

Mod Dog Futon – Dark Cocoa Cuddle Top: Spoiler alert – we’re totally biased to this dog bed. The Mod Dog Futon is a dog bed designed for large dogs with a durable and orthopedically comfortable mattress for dogs of all ages. Due to popular demand, you can now get the Mod Dog Futon in small dog sizes, too. Mod Dog Futons are a Mod Dog Boutique exclusive design, beautifully built in the USA (right here in Portland, Oregon!) and they are eco-friendly. Constructed from an exclusive Wellspring fiber, our futon dog bed is made from a revolutionary material that utilizes the second use of plastics - in other words, it's made from recycled two liter beverage containers. The Wellspring fibers are amazingly light with a look and feel incredibly like fluffy, soft and finely textured cotton.  Non-allergenic and extremely comfortable, this material is clean, odor free, and very resilient. The Dark Cocoa Cuddle Top Mod Dog Bed is Wilson’s favorite, paws down!


Double Donut – Green Apple Bones Microvelvet: Not the green of the 60's, this is modern and soothing. Lush and plush. We just love the beauty of this soft green dog bed and we think you will, too. It's a great addition to liven your modern decor and your dog is sure to love it in any room of the house. This dog bed has a beautiful sofa look with piping finishes on the upper bolster. Made in USA, you'll love the textured construction and that the upholstery grade fabric repels dirt and spills. Just in case, though, it is machine washable and dryable! Color fast and non-shrink fabric will look like new after every wash.


Orthopedic Lounger – Allumina Oslo: This is an orthopedic dog bed lounger that is as beautiful, as it is comfortable. The orthopedic qualities include a revolutionary cool gel memory foam technology that regulates your dog’s body temperature, and a scooped front that makes it easy to get into for older arthritic dogs. Small dogs love it, too, with the easy access and snuggly soft fabric on the inner portion. Designed with a removable tufted center cushion and zippered outer cover, this dog bed is exceptionally designed, beautiful, as well as practical. The generous sizing allows even large dogs to stretch out and relax.

Round Espresso Stripe Microvelvet: We love this round dog bed with the bold stripes and beautiful round, lofty microvelvet. There's no doubt your Mod Dog will love this new bed, and you will, too! It’s easily moved from room to room so your dog can have a comfy space everywhere in your home. The microvelvet is furniture grade fabric and can be easily vacuumed, it repels moisture, and it is machine washable and dryable. Constructed with a wide gusset and an overstuffed, plush inner cushion, the beautiful contrast piping presents a designer look for this top quality dog bed. You'll love the attention to detail and your dog will love the high memory furniture grade fibre-fill that will ensure long lasting support and comfort for your Mod Dog, small or large.


Plush Oval – Blue Bayou & Grey Teddy: If you've been looking for the hottest designer oval dog bed on the market, you will love this one! The blue bayou outer fabric paired with the plush grey inner fabric is the perfect choice for the most pampered of Mod Dogs who love to curl into a ball when they sleep. The inner cushion is built directly into the bottom of the bed, with this trend-setting one-piece design. The bottom cushion is constructed with a fibre top, over an orthopaedic foam bottom insert that provides superior support and comfort. It's an excellent dog bed for older dogs, or those with stiff legs, hips or backs. The dog bed cover is zippered and removable so it can be machine washed and dried.


Dog Crate Bed – Courtyard Taupe: We included a dog crate bed for those who like an easily portable dog bed. We love this one for the brown and white lattice pattern that is strikingly elegant, while maintaining a casual and crisp look. It's perfect as a dog bed in your crate, and also as a great low profile bed anywhere in the home. This has a water resistant bottom, so it’s an excellent dog bed for boating, poolside lounging or for puppies and older incontinent dogs. Constructed with one inch of high-loft fiber, it’s tufted for a mattress-like look and includes 2 inches of furniture grade foam for support. And what’s really cool about this dog bed, you can use it in your dog crate, and you can get the matching dog crate cover – sold separately!


Plush Dog Blanket – Eggplant Grey Teddy: We had to throw in a blanket, because dog bedding just isn’t complete without a soft, cuddly dog blanket! And this one is absolutely beautiful and it’s the ultimate in plush and cozy comfort for your Mod Dog! Made from a beautiful, plush fabric, your dog will love the way this dog blanket feels. It's like a combination of plush fur and velvet. With a short pile and tightly woven construction, this dog blanket can hold up to excessive wear from even your largest, most energetic dogs. It has a reversible design that can be used as a comfy, beautiful dog blanket, throw or a furniture cover. This dog blanket is where practical meets luxury - did we mention it is machine washable!


Oh, we could go on! There are so many dog beds to choose from, and so many we love! It's up to you, though, to find the one that's right for your dog so he'll sleep in his own bed. Good luck, and have fun shopping! Here's to a good night snooze - happy dog dreams!

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