Dog Treat Boutique

Dog Treat Boutique

Dog treat boxes are the perfect gift for Mod Dog's who love dog treats!   

At Mod Dog Boutique, we offer a great selection of hand-prepared dog treat boxes for the Mod Dog who loves discovering a variety of new dog treats, chews, toys and products. All of our dog treat boxes include hand-selected items that are healthy and safe for your dog, and every treat box is individually packaged in a box that is perfect for gifting to your own dog or the Mod Dog of a special pet parent friend. With options like The Big Wag full of dog treats, or The Big Bark with treats, toys and products, our Affinity Collection allows you to select just one month, or you can save up to 20% with the multi-month option. 

We also offer flavor-themed boxes like the Fruit Loop or Himalayan K9, or texture-themed boxes like the Gnawty Dog or the Soft & Chewy. And by popular demand for the Mod Dog's feliine friends, we now offer the Cat Box! Each of these come with the Double-Dawg option with a 20% discount on two boxes at once - perfect for the multi-dog (or multi-cat!) family. Discovering new dog treats has never been easier, or more fun! 

For the discerning Mod Dog who prefers a single-flavor, check out our Dog Treat Compound for a great selection of dog treats in multi-pack quantities.

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