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Links to Websites & Information Liked by Mod Dog 

The following website links will take you to some of the sites liked by Mod Dog Boutique.  We thought you might like these, too! You'll find useful and fun information for pet parents and dog lovers. 

  • 2014 Best City For Pet Travelers - Portland, Oregon is the winner! If you've ever been to Portland, this will come as no surprize. Read all about it!

  • Hayden Meadows Pet Clinic - Need a great vet? Dogs (and Cats) in Portland, Oregon love this full service veterinary clinic with a mission to provide high quality medical and surgical veterinary care. 

  • American Veterinary Medical Association - Stay informed on a variety of information regarding pet safety and pet food recalls.

  • FDA - US Dept of Health and Human Services Food & Drug Administration - We love this site for information and updates regarding Animal & Veterinary matters, including pet food recalls.

  • Take Your Dog to Work - OK! Let's go, Wilson! This is a fun site that celebrates dogs and promotes their adoption. Check it out!​

  • HerePup - Can My Dog Eat That? - Ever wonder what people foods are ok for your Mod Dog to eat? Check out this handy article and list of foods to help you make informed people-food decisions for your precious pup!

  • Catlogical - Foods For Cats - OK, we know you spend time with us because you love dogs and we've got some pretty cool dog stuff, but we want to be sure our feline friends stay safe and only eat things that are ok for them. So, with that disclaimer, all of you dog lovers who also love cats, check out! this article from Catlogical. 

  • Cockapoo - What is a cockapoo, anyway? Check out this blog site and find out for yourself! And, you'll learn a whole lot more, too! You know how much we love all dogs, large and small, so when we came across this blog site, we liked so much of their information, we decided to share it with you, our Mod Dog community. You can always insert 'your favorite breed' while reading the blog posts on Cockapoo and learn a ton while also being entertained!

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